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So... what does it mean, really, to live a soulfully-aligned life? To build a soulfully-aligned business? You have heard the words, and they have caught your attention - but to be honest, you're not entirely clear on what it means.

Join me in this 50 minute masterclass (recorded) and learn about:

* the 'typical' definition of success in Western society (my story)

* your moment of choice

* living a life that is soulfully-aligned

* insights into your decision making process

* how this applies to your soulfully-aligned business

* the 3 different dimensions of "soulfully-aligned"

* results of living and working soulfully-aligned

* the role of action in the soulfully-aligned life & business

* steps to start creating YOUR soulfully-aligned life & business

What's included, you ask?

A 50 minute audio recording + accompanying workbook.

Join me in this Masterclass,

Create some Sacred Space for yourself
to reflect on the insights in the workbook, and LEARN

How To Create a Soulfully Aligned Business & Life

AND How To Take Purposeful and Soulful Action

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Hey, I'm Kath - Founder of Soulfully Aligned Academy. My goal for the Academy is to offer Top-Notch courses at an affordable price - with courses ranging from Business Building to Money Mastery and Awakening Your Intuition.

If you know you work better in team than by yourself, go to for information on my VIP Days and private mentorship & group programmes.

Ex-corporate CEO and Mom, my life's work is to support other women in recognizing and embracing their natural impact and power. Because that is the place everything else blooms from. A beautiful life, with deep connections and a sense of meaning, purpose. Magical moments, and a feeling of being connected, always. A truly rich life experience. And impact and soulful business success.

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